HP ACC Keyboard USB Bus Slim SmartCard Z9H48AA

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Boost your productivity make a stylish IT choice and get integrated security features with the HP USB Slim Smartcard Keyboard which has a built-in smart card reader and is designed to complement the latest HP Business PCs.FeaturesBold redesignPair your PC with a sleek restyled reduced-size keyboard that packs a familiar layout function keys and number pad into a space-saving design. Updated key light indicators alert you when Caps lock Num lock and Scroll are on or off.Get a smart card reader that’s conveniently located in line of sight at the top of the keyboard to help you remember to take your card out. Compatibility with Class A B and C smart cards helps prevent hacking and firmware changes in the keyboard.Quiet and durableKeep your work environment quiet with lubricated keys and breathe easy when minor spills happen with the built-in spill drain that makes the keyboard easy to clean.1USB connectivityEasily connect the keyboard to any USB port on your PC. The included 6 ft (1.8 m) USB cable gives you plenty of room to move the keyboard around your workspace.